Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pray Away the Gray!

We here at the BNC Headquarters have noticed all of the colored clothing items designated for wear by the masses.  There are purple days, red days, pink ribbon days, and due to the fall season upon us everyone seems to don brown in honor of colon health!  Furthermore, ladies on the internet have been announcing the color of their underwear for the world to enjoy (although, Auntie Evelyn, no one really wanted to know any details).  Obviously, attempts at fashion are at the forefront this late fall season!    

We here at the Brave New Church home offices have no idea what the purposes of these single color campaigns are (mostly because we ignore any and all things related to our own interests, campaigns, and marketing) but we are very interested in creating a celebration of our own!  

Pray Away the Gray!

As the fall leaves fade in glory and the winter doldrums set in, we find ourselves living in darkness.  But as we all know, the BNC chooses life – and what better way to celebrate than to ensure every member of the BNC receives an Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!  We here at the BNC choose radical tolerance, unity, and free Love and today we add one more item to our list of goals for the winter: Fashionable Color!  No more shall our BNC congregants exist in dull palates and tones!  No longer shall our BNC members languish under the iron fist of single color fashion days!  

We here at Higgins choose to dust away the days of only purple, red, pink, brown, etc., and enhance our wardrobes in celebration of the entire color spectrum!

Notice the following pitifully bland fashion samples and the sad faces that accompany their dismal fashion choices:

Really, friends, what are we dressing to support?  International Fog Awareness?  All of these sad and rather dismal looking specimens exists on the Gray Spectrum.  Once we Prayed over their choices they came out of the closet wearing only the most beautiful array of brightly colored, joy inducing BNC sponsored clothing lines!  

So join us as we Pray Away the Gray and introduce fashion that not only looks terrific, but chases away the Winter Blah’s while promoting radical tolerance, unity, and free Love!  What a joy!  What freedom!  What bright shiney, happy people holding hands and hopes together!

Join us now as we Pray Away the Gray

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