Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Gay Old Time!

My Dear Pets,

My College of Bishops gathered at the Round Table during the months following our grand assembly last year and we realized a clear opportunity in place for us: Gay Camp.

That's right!  A camp dedicated to happiness and spirituality!
Let's reclaim the Gay!


Together we outlined the purpose (which you can read at the above website):

We are offering a weekend camp retreat as a safe, accepting and loving community where GLBTQIA (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Question Intersex and Allied) youth can discuss how their sexuality and sprituality are beautiful gifts from God. We will accompany each other on the faith journey as we celebrate and struggle with our faith, family, friends, school, relationships, and everything in between. This is still camp after all, so we will enjoy God's creation and have a blast sharing our creative talents, playing games,and challenging each other. All People of all belief backgrounds are welcome!

Now, now, I know what you're asking: How can I join in the fun when there are so many reasons I can't participate?  Here are some typical excuses:

I'm not a teen!
I can't take a full week off from work for summer camp!
I still wet the bed!
I can't be gay without alcohol!

Fear not.  There is room for all! ALL are welcome!  All are welcome in this place!  We at Higgins Road recognize that heterosexuality has gone out of style and in an effort to revamp and renew our Brave New Church, we've designed this program for the youth and a series of youth and adult retreats for the fall! 

Our fall and winter retreats will be held all over the country and sponsored by the Minneapolis and St. Paul area synods (until we get more financial grounding from other synods)!  Our faithful leaders will be taking groups to (Spiritual) Vacation Destinations like:

San Francisco!
Dupont Circle, Maryland!
Venice Beach, Florida (at the Villa Venice Men's Resort!)!

Our programs will include trust falls, nature walks, and will culminate in a four part capstone experience:

An exciting evening of fun and games 
followed by a banquet and Coming Out Ceremony!
Your true self and sexuality will FINALLY be revealed 
in a safe and loving group environment!

A Celebration of Sexuality where on Sunday we will picket congregations 
who align themselves with groups like CORE or Word Alone Network 
or other insidious, hateful groups. It's an act of spiritual, evangelical love!

We will go door to door proclaiming our new found sexuality and love 
for all, gathering sheep to join our gloriously brave new church! 

Any couples finding LOVE at this event will be blessed 
at our final service of worship and joy in the LORD!

Just like summer camp, your retreat will be just as deep, just as open, just as open, and just as fun!  For more information on Inclusive Activities, please see the following website:


Contact the members of each group for more information on God's love, God's church, and our gay new church! 

Now, I heard recently that a group called Exposing the ELCA came out... but they didn't come out the fun way.  They came out against our celebration of God's gift of self love.  So here's what I have to say to you naysayers:

Dear Exposed Members of the ELCA,                                                                                                       

I am deeply concerned that you do not realize the joy of
exposing yourself to the world. 
As the old camp song goes, "they will know we are Christians by our love" 
Don't you realize this means gay love too
Gay love is a God given, God created, and 
God blessed expression of love. 

So, go forth. Don't expose the ELCA. Expose yourself. It's what God wants. 

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