Thursday, August 5, 2010


I finally managed to wrench the blog from Hanson's little fingers.  It's been tough settling into my new role here at Higgins.  Bishop Hanson can't swallow the new game in town, but hey, I'm only here to help. 

So it’s been kind of a slow day – exactly the kind I like to avoid.  Doesn’t look good for my people.  But hey, so long as they know I spent hours in meditation, right?  Meditation is one those funny things.  You can look serene and quiet and full of peace when really you’re catching a nap.  Just don’t drool.    
My buddy Thich Nhat Hahn taught me a few tricks of the trade.  I mean, he actually does meditate and think on the big questions, but I like to do that on letterhead.  We were out at some muckety-muck event with the Dalai Lama and the Archbishop of Canterbury when I walked up to Thich and said, “So, Thich, I work for Bishop Hahnsohn.”  Guy practically split his monk suit.  After a few drinks, he gave me my own direct line – sez I keep him grounded. 
Plus he’s my #1 go-to for coming up with great soundbytes and headers.  Just Google the guy and you get stacks of quotes to mess around with.  Like last week, I read where he said, “Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts.” Unity, man. It’s what’s gonna keep the boat floating.  So I made a few adjustments and the header says, “Prayer is the bridge which connects our life to Christ, which unites the Body to His thoughts.”  Sounds great, right?  I throw that out there and 72 people “liked” it on Facebook and the seminarians are twittering so loud their profs can hardly get in a word.  
So a few weeks later Thich and I meet up at a great motel party and he shows me some great medi-moves.  Religious guys have to do that sometimes – get away from the populace.  My assistant always makes the rez at some dumpy dump place in the burbs so if there’s ever some kid out doing “ministry” with his camera it’ll look good in the mockup.  “Meeting God where it counts” or some candy-sweet headline. 
Most of today was spent meditating after a long night meditating.  Sometimes it’s just hard to get up and go these days.  The dogs in the church keep barking and I have to come up with spiritual stuff to keep them happy. 
It’s been a gentle day for the good Bishop.  My image consultant practically had to pile drive my assistant from bothering me – says I need my rest.  Like I always say, “Because of my smile, I make life more beautiful.”

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